Ground fault detector



Purpose :

The ground fault detector (GFD) is an appliance specifically developed to detect a ground fault current on the 15 KV lighting station arteries of a rail network.


Présentation :

Ground fault detection electronic relays for 15Kv HV cables on a rail network. The detection threshold is adjustable, the usual values are 30mA or 12.5mA. Detection is completed by a LED indicator, a push button on the front face can be used to simulate a fault.



Technical features

Power supply :


  • 230V -  50Hz


 Détection :

  •  Monotore 30mA ou 12.5mA


Outputs :

  • Relay (breaking capacity: 0.6A - 125VAC or 2A - 30VDC)
  • Fault indicator on the front face


Size :

  • 120 x 105 x 137 mm

Compliance with standards and specifications :

  • CEI 255.5 and HN 45S50
  • NFC 20 - 010
  • IP21
  • Vibrations: 10Hz to 20Hz, 0.3mm cc, 2g according to CEI 68-2-6



  • Robust metal control box to fix to the back of the cabinet
  • Connection using a specific 10 point plug
  • Analogue electronic components
  • Operating temperature from –15° to +40°C