Increase stability and reliability of HV transmission lines thanks to the manufacturer agnostic controlled switching platform, applicable to either brand new or existing HV circuit breaker.


* Reduces inrush currents,
* Eliminates voltage disturbances,
* Limits mechanical and electromagnetic stresses on transformers,
* Increases reliability and stability of power lines,
* Lowers maintenance costs,
* Extends HV equipment lifetime,
* CEI 61850, DNP3, CEI 60870-5-10X network compatibility,
* Provides a baseline for merging units, compatibility with IEC 61850-9-2 and IEC 61850-8-1 standards,
* Supports HV equipment monitoring.

Technical features

SynchroTeq Plus eliminates stresses on HV equipment and disturbances on power lines when performing switching loads of HV capacitor banks and HV shunt reactors since they ALWAYS perform switching operations at the right instant.

SynchroTeq Plus takes into account the effect of fluctuations in operating variables (temperature, pressure, auxiliary voltage, idle time, etc) to predict the breaker's time operation, ensuring an optimal performance over a wide range of operating conditions.


1°) One single housing for installation in control house or in control cabinet:

SynchroTeq Plus is specifically designed for installation in control house or in HV circuit breaker's control cabinet.

2°) Scalable and modular : expansion boards and residual flux management :

SynchroTeq Plus is a scalable and modular platform designed to receive up to two intelligent Ethernet fiber optic plug-ins, and up to three expansion boards for outstanding capabilities (board 1 = residual flux management for seamless power transformer energization, board 2 = the primary expansion board provides additional entries (4-20 mA), board 3 = the secondary expansion card allows having additional relay outputs or the addition of an independant wired logic unit that allows circumbention of the SynchroTeq Plus in case of failure or shutdown condition of the unit).