The MVR 24 position stepper is an automatic bi-directional stepper. It can realize an progressive and sequential operation, thanks to impulsion serial controlling an angular rotation, with the following dispositions:

Each electric impulse is sent to a solenoid, provoking ratchet engagement in a ratchet system, to turn it to a certain degree: a complete step is realized.

Contact, cam, switch and others auxiliaries components are driven by the ratchet system, that can realize a serial of predetermined operation.

This rotary stepping relay switches 2 circuits, but it doesn’t disconnect circuits. To obtain a contact rating , use an auxiliary contact, mounting on the solenoid, which disconnect the common dot and then switch .

Generale features:

  • function: step up – step down
  • presentation: without cover
  • fixing: 3 fixing points tapped (8.32 NC 2 B) or M4
  • connection: solder or push on 2.8 mm
  • mounting position: deck in  vertical plane
  • mechanic life: 5.000.000 of steps
  • weight: 290g

Technical features

dimension and mounting:



Electric features:

  • operation voltage (rV): 24, 48, 60, 125 et 220 V AC or DC
  • operating range: -15/+10% of rV
  • coil consumption: 15 W / 25 VA
  • stepping speed: 35 ms
  • coil rating stepping: intermittent 5 min max at 10% cycle
  • coil rating reset: intermittent 10 min max at 80% cycle

Contact features:

  • Number of positions on deck: 24
  • Number of active positions: 24
  • with covering contact mounting on the solenoid
  • number of decks: 1 or 2
  • number of wipers: 1 to 4
  • contact rating: 1.5A (115VAC resistive)
  • auxiliary contact rating: 5A (115VAC resistive)
  • steep of rotation: 20 steps per seconde