RightWON system is a rugged, modular, programmable, and proven platform adapted to the requirements of the sectors of energy, oil & gas, infrastructure & asset management, and water treatment.


One product, 4 key functions - A simple programming environment : Fully IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC, protocol manager, human machine interface, fonctions de maintenance et de gestion lomanagement and monitoring functions.

* Modular and expandable : Choose your own configuration among over 2,200 possibilities allowing a maximum of 19 communicaion ports per unit;

Adhere to standards : Day one efficiency and interoperability through industry standards : 100% IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC, IEC 61850, DPN3 ModBus, IEC 60870, OPC, IEC 61400-25, CANBus/CANopen for remote i/o's, VFD's, sensors, KEMA certifications;

Operation : Stand-alone, web-based operation as well as local SCADA communication or Central Site management;

* Protect your investment : reliable and resistant platform, from +75°C to -40°C with GSM. Field upgradeable units to leverage uocoming features and industry standards.

Technical features

Fully IEC 61131-3 compliant PLC:
5 programming languages (IL, ST, FDB, LD, SFC)
Local or remote programming
IEC 61850 intégrated SCL editor.

Protocol management :
IEC 61850 client, GOOSE, Server interfaces
IEC 60870-5-10X, SDI-12, ModBus, DNP3 slave master, IEC 61400-25.

Human machine interface :
Web operating interface
Display and monitor remote facilities
Pure web graphic synoptic with PC editor

Management and monitoring functions :
diagnose and anticipate the failures
event journals, alarms and trending
event notifications by email, sms, and pager.


RightWON Satellite CPU : rugged, programmable, and scalable automation plaform receiving up to three intelligent plug-ins and one function module for multiple configurations.

RightWON plug-ins :
wide range of serial, network, telecommunication, and I/Os plug-ins, including most of the wireless telecommunication standards for acquisition.

RightWON engine :
Communication gateways and data concentrators that collect data from all of the substation's equipment to make them available to the operation center or SCADA monitoring system.

RightWON Configuration Suite : configuration software : fulluy IEC 61131-3 complliant PLC, protocol manager, human-machine interface, management and monitoring functions.