Instantaneous industrial relay for intensive use. 5 CO contacts - 5 A..

Pluggable on the following sockets : EVPL5, EXL5 and EXCL5.



Technical features

Function instantaneous
Presentation under cover
Connection on front or rear wiring socket
Number of mechanical operations 30.000.000
Operating temperature - 5°C to + 40°C
Storage temperature - 40°C to + 70°C
Climatic protection optional reinforced climatic protection
Shock voltage 3 Kv (wave 1,2/50 microseconds)
Dielectric strength 2200 V eff-50 Hz
Insulation resistance > 20.000 MOhms
Weight 104 g.
Protection level IP40 (according to NFC 20-010)
Resistance to mechanical shocks severity 50 A (according to NFC 20-608)
Resistance to vibrations 0,35 mm/10-55 Hz (according to NFC20-616)

Coil data

  Direct current Alternative current
Min. nominal voltage DC 6 V 6 V 50 Hz
Min. nominal voltage AC 220 V 380 V 50 Hz
Operating range -20/+10% of nominal voltage
Power requirement 2,2W 6 VA 4 VA


Number of contacts 5
Max. load current 5 A per contact
Low power switching 0,1 VA with min voltage 1 V and/or I min 1 mA
Response time (bounce time not included) < 20 ms

Contacts rating

connection on DC
connection on AC


. EP571 relay with reinforced climatic protection
. EP571 with reduced power(1 W in DC)
. EP571 relay with specific characteristics (voltage, frequency)
. EP571J relay with mechanical indicator
. EP571 relay with unlinked contacts
. EP571 relay with marine or railways specifications
. EP571 relay with tungstene contacts
. EIP571 intensity relay

Homologations & conformities :

* CEI 255-1-00
* NFC 45-250