Static relay permits, when it is connected to an AC circuit circuit, to ensure the periodic power supply of a load.

Its ability to accept overloads of about 10 In makes it particularly interesting for the switching of incandescent lamps.




Operation principle

SSR 2002 is synchronised to the zero of the voltage at the closing of the circuit. Its flashing frequency is 1 Hz in standard.

Voltage range :

* 19 to 53 V AC Eff
* 90 to 240 V AC Eff

Min hold current :

* for U = 240 VAC Eff : 70 mA
* for U = 20 V AC Eff : 200 mA

Courant résiduel max : 3 mA (non excité)
Facteur de marche : 50%.

Example of applications :

* luminous alarm blocks
* control of warning lights for road traffic
* Warning lights on superstructures (water towers, cranes, aerials, civil engineering building sites, factories chimneys, ships masts, airports...)
* Services advertising
* luminous beacons.

(see following schematic)



Technical features

Function Flashing
Presentation Under case
Storage temperature -40 to +85°C
Weight 100 g.

Coil data

  Direct current Alternative current
Min. nominal voltage DC   19 V
Min. nominal voltage AC   240 V


Short-circuit load 20 ms / 80 A max

Contacts rating

commutation sur AC


Other versions can be realized upon request :

* Specific frequencies (0,5 Hz, 2 Hz)
* Duty cycle 40%
* dual rythm flashing
* flashing with alternated outputs