Crane control unit KST 85

Crane control unit KST 85

The KST 85 is an ergonomically designed swiveling crane control chair which provides a high degree of comfort.

Equipment boxes
The sheet steel equipment boxes are vertically and horizontally adjustable. The arrangement of the joysticks, indicators and control devices is customised according to customer specifications.
Cabling is carried out through a cross-member in the traverse. (Terminal block)
Special boxes available upon request.

Driver seat
The comfortable spring mounted seat KFS 85 with roller-bearing swivel systems.

Heating console
Cover with 2 steps heating (2×2 kW 400V AC) with integrated ventilator. The cover of the heating cover can be tilted forward to reach the terminal block of the heating and cable execution.

Surface treatment
Base coat and textured varnish
Standard colour RAL 9011 black