Fast action instanteneous relay with magnetic arc blowing - 4 CO contacts.

Pluggable on front wiring socket (9705) or rear wiring socket (9723)

Detailed table of coil resistance data is available in the technical support pages of this site or can be sent upon request.




Operation principle

The 1728 relay is a specially designed "'fast action relay" equipped with 4 x 10 A CO contacts. The basic design is made of two relays included in one relay dust cover :

- one 1804 relay giving fast action < or = 4 ms of the 4 NO contacts (qualified EDF HN 45S25 cl. 2a)

- one 1783 relay, with magnetic arc blowing, for heavy contacts characteristics (breaking capability) - qalified EDF HN 45S25 cl. A1.

Technical features

Function instantaneous fast action
Presentation under cover
Connection on front or rear wiring socket
Number of mechanical operations 1.000.000
Operating temperature - 10 to + 55°C
Storage temperature - 40°C to + 80°C
Climatic protection reinforced climatic protection
Shock voltage 4 KV wave 1,2/50 microseconds
Dielectric strength 2.500 V - 50 Hz - 1 mn.
Insulation resistance 1.000 MOhms (500 VDC new relay)
Weight 500 g.

Coil data

  Direct current Alternative current
Min. nominal voltage DC 48 V  
Min. nominal voltage AC 220 V  
Operating range -20/+10% of nominal voltage
Power requirement 6 W / 100 ms on operate - 4 W permanent    


Number of contacts 4
Max. load current 10 A per contact
Short-circuit load 100 A / 30 ms
Response time (bounce time not included) CT < 4 ms - CR < 20 ms

Contacts rating

resistive load inductive load - L/R = 50 ms

Operation diagram

voir principe de fonctionnement