Fast action instantaneous relay.

Relay housed in a rectangular enclosure and pluggable on socket including a locking bracket and two guide pins which can act as a key to ensure that the correct relay is used at the correct voltage (see our withdrawal guide in the technical support pages of this site)

Pluggable on the following sockets :  EVB1/CA, ERDL1/CA, ERDL1/CA-DL et ERC1/CA.




Operation principle

Fast action relay which can be turned on permanent voltage :

* minimum impulse duration : >= 30 ms
* recycling time >= 300 ms

Operating position : spring set on the top and vertical coil axle

See the operation diagram hereafter.

Technical features

Function Instantaneous
Presentation under cover
Connection on front or rear wiring socket
Number of mechanical operations 5.000.000
Operating temperature - 5°C to + 40°C
Storage temperature - 40 to + 70°C
Climatic protection optional reinforced climatic protection
Shock voltage 5 KV (wave 1,2/50 µs)
Dielectric strength 2200 V eff 50 Hz
Insulation resistance NFC 45-202 : C250 ; VDE0100 : C250
Weight 300 g.
Protection level IP 40 (according to NFC 20-010)
Resistance to mechanical shocks severity 50 A (according to NFC 20-608)
Resistance to vibrations 0,35 mm / 10-55 Hz (according to NFC 20-616)

Coil data

  Direct current Alternative current
Min. nominal voltage DC 24 V  
Min. nominal voltage AC 220 V  
Operating range -20/+10% of nominal voltage
Power requirement operate : < 50 W - hold : < 3 W    


Number of contacts 4
Max. load current 8 A per contact

Operation diagram

see operating description here above