Relay for line control - 3 output relays with 250 VAC/5 A CO contacts.

Pluggable on the following sockets : 9244, 9246, 9243 & 9946.

Detailed table of the coil resistance data is available in the technical support pages of this site or can be sent upon request.


Operation principle

Control the condition of the line between the control circuit (dry contact type) and the control device.

2329 relay acts as an interface

The three output CO contacts give:
* 1 default for the line in short-circuit (with visualisation by LED)
* 1 default for th eopen line (with visualisation by LED)
* 1 line contact putting off.

The relay used for default type indication and contact position checks permanently the line impedance between terminals n° 1 and 6..

The line impedance to control must be less than 3000 Ohms.


Technical features

Function line control
Presentation under cover
Connection on front or rear wiring socket
Operating temperature - 10 to + 55°C
Storage temperature - 20 to + 70°C
Weight 130 g

Coil data

  Direct current Alternative current
Min. nominal voltage DC 24 V 24 V
Min. nominal voltage AC 220 V 220/230 V
Operating range -15 à 10% of nominal voltage


Number of contacts 2
Max. load current 5 A per contact


For any complementary information regarding mounting and withdrawal, please refer to the technical support pages of this site or contact us.