Clima PAC

"Turn key" solution for boiler rooms

Complete control solution with high connectivity.


- Customizable daily and weekly programs
- Temperatures and operating conditions can be freely set for every single day
- Special periods to activate temporary changes to the basic chrono-thermostats functions
- Freely adjustable periods for sanitary hot whater (DHW)
- Customizable "anti legionella" function
- Climatic profile defined by five freely adjustable points
- Customizable plant management logic
- Anti seizure functions for pumps and mixing valves
- Programmable boiler management logic
- High accuracy temperature control (with 1°C)
- External temperature compensation optimizable and always active
- Connectivity to external instruments (such as Heat counters)
- Automatic Summer time/Winter time switch
- GSM signal check button
- SMS alarming function
- Operating efficency reduction alarm
- Fuel consumption increase anomaly indication

Communication and programming:
- RS 232 port (configuration and programming)
- RS485 interface, not isolated to PC or controllers
- Ethernet port: 10/100 Base T

Programming/configuration tools:
- Configuration software and programming software available for PC

Display and Indicators:
High resolution data visualization with colour touch screen display.
Remote control software:
A complete user friendly supervision software to keep the plant under control
All the parameters can be changed from remote any time

On request, the HMI may include data from external devices ( such as air conditioning, lighting or access control systems)
- Customizable splash screen
- Screen saver
- Three access levels with different functions
- Alarm and communication pop-up dialogue windows
- Test page with plant operating information
- Graphical pages for temperatures and measured values
- Manual control page
- Modbus communication page (if available)
- Dedicated configuration pages for all the parameters
- Additional pages on request

Connectable to:
- SCADA for monitoring, traceability and remote management