IEC 61131-3 Programming software

Programming enviroment perfectly fulfiling IEC 61131-3 standards


Allows to create programs in up to 6 languages:
- Sequential Function Chart
- Instruction List
- Structured Text
- Function Block Diagram
- Ladder Diagram
- Continuous Function Chart
Multitasking software
Structured programming benefits of variable declaration and Keyword recognising
On-line debug and simulation integrated tools

Ascon tecnologic edition includes 3 function libraries that enhance the control strategy programming:
Control Library
- Advanced control strategies
- Heat/cool alghoritm
- Autotuning
and many others
Auxiliary Library
- Profile program
- Moving average calculation
- F0 calculation
- Modbus RTU and TCP communication functions, etc)
and many others
AT I/O Library
Configuration and data access functions to distributed I/O modules

Connectable to:

- Sigmadue Series CPUs (PAC and MicroPAC)

UL Listed