Mini Mall PAC

Pre-programmed systems

The Mini Mall PAC solution allows control and management of all the utilities within a mini-market in order to obtain the best possible energy saving.
The solution is modular and allows the management of:
- Cold storage rooms;
- Air conditioning systems;
- Air handling units
- Electrical power monitoring;
- Showcases.

Mini Mall PAC is composed by a parametric controller M81 and by controllers X34 linked on the same net to control the utilities.
The solution provides local monitoring and parameter modification by using a colour touch screen HMI and also enables to access to the same parameters remotely by Internet connection.
The Mini Mall Pack solution is completed by a “Cloud” based supervision software application that allows to monitor in real time the complete plant data.
In addition, it allows historical data analysis for pre-emptive maintenance and energy cost reduction.
The parameter modifications can be executed from remote web connections as well as alarm handling and acknowledgement.

- The solution is distributed: every module is independent but integrated in the SCADA management. In this way a great cost saving is achieved in wiring and cable costs;
- Mini Mall PAC is modular and expandable, including third party components;
- Being CLOUD based, it does not require PC software and upgrades. The access is guaranteed everywhere from any web-enabled device.