DIN rail mount gateway from CANopen or Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU

- Protocol gateway (Conversion/adapter) to Modbus-RTU RS485 protocol
for Ascon Tecnologic products and third party devices
- Connectible to Modbus-TCP (over Ethernet) or CANOpen networks
- Power supply and RS485 communication on side bus

Power supply:

DY 5220: Gateway Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU RS485
DY 5030: Gateway CANopen to Modbus RTU RS485

Communication and programming:
- RS 232 port (configuration and programming)
- RS 485 port with ModBus RTU and J-bus (Master) protocols
- 1 field bus port to CANOpen
- Ethernet port: 10/100 Base T

Programming/configuration tools:
- Configuration software available for PC or Web-based

Mounting method: DIN rail mount
Case dimensions:
DX 5220 and DX5030: 22.5 x 99 mm, depth 114.5 mm
DX 5121: 85 x 70 mm, depth 59 mm

- RS 232 port: 9 PIN DSUB connector
- Ethernet Port RJ45
DX5030 and DY5220:
- RS485 on male and female side bus connection
- 4 Extractable polarized 4 pole screw plugs, 2.5 mm²

Connectable to:
- Deltadue Series
- Any controller from Ascon Tecnologic range with serial communication port
- SCADA for monitoring, traceability and remote management
- DX and DY gateways for remote monitoring