Pressure transmitters for industrial use

- Field mount pressure transmitter
- Process connection:
according to the selected model
- Pressure range:
2... 1000 bar
- Current (mA): 4...20 mA output
2 wire
- Voltage (V): 0...10V output
3 wire

Process inputs:

Pressure input ranges:

2... 1000 bar according to the model

Process outputs

1 High level analogue output:

- For PV retransmission
- Voltage (V): 0...10V
Three wire technology
- Current (mA): 4...20 mA
Two wire technology

Power supply:

- Loop powered


- Absolute, relative or vacuum
Pressure measurement


Mounting method: field mount
Case dimensions: according to the selected model
Process connection:
- Thread:
1/4” G Male
1/8” G Male
- 7/16"-20 UNF Male and Female
Electrical connection:
M12 plug , Packard, mPm or cable according to the models