Ultrabright LED festoon lamps 12V and 24V

Ultrabright LED festoon lamps 12V and 24V

Our new MSOH-series of fully AC/DC-capable LED festoon lamps of Ø 11 x 43 millimeters size impresses with its excellent brightness and durability at a power consumption of only 0.5 and 0.6 watts.

The 12/14 volts version features 2 LED-chips which generate remarkable 50 lumens, the 3-chip-type for 24/28 volts produces even 75 lumens while consuming merely 0.5 watts electrical power.

Since the luminous flux does not diverge in all direction as in incandescent lamps, but is concentrated to an angle of radiation of approx. 150°, the LED-festoons can easily be used to replace conventional festoon lamps up to 10 watts each when aligned appropriately.

Available standard colour temperatures are 3.000 K and 4.500 K.

New: Holders for (LED-) festoon lamps

Our extensive production program of LED festoon lamps, available

in versions 8x31/39 and 11x39/43 was now supplemented with corresponding holders for these sizes.

Great value was placed on a flat design.

The contacts for the holders are made using screw-terminals, whereby the wires can either be led into the center bore of the insulating housing or on both sides.
Alternatively, the mounting can be carried out via this bore or on the lateral tabs, which can be easily removed by breaking off in case of confined space conditions.